Alms Giving Ceremony

What is Alms Giving?

The Alms Giving Ceremony is a form of monastic cultivation and the act of undertaking the responsibility of propagating the Dharma as a disciple of the Buddha. Through the tradition of alms rounds, the founder of Fo Guang Shan MonasteryVenerable Master Hsing Yun hopes to unite the strength of monastics to raise the awareness of educational projects amongst the people, and providing an opportunity for the community at large to cultivate merits and support to this educational and cultural projects.

In accordance with Fo Guang Shan’s principle of ‘fostering talent through education’ and with the support of the international community, Nan Tien Institute (NTI) in Wollongong NSW was officially opened on 1 March 2015 by former Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Tony Abbott. Nan Tien Institute is Australia’s first government accredited tertiary institution grounded in Buddhist values and wisdom. is the place for quality education and cultural exchange.

When & Where?


  • Saturday 16th May – 12:30pm
  • Sunday 17th May – 12:30pm

Location: Buddha Stage, The Square (map G)

Nan Tian Institute

Nan Tien Institute is a higher education institution that draws on centuries of Buddhist wisdom in a tradition stretching back to the great Nalanda University in India in 400 AD. NTI continues this tradition and fosters the importance of learning as a life-long quest for knowledge, skills and wisdom. Its vision is to support and inspire learning through the pursuit of research and creative practice. Its mission is to educate students in a context informed by Buddhist wisdom and values. We are a dynamic international learning community that facilitates the exchange of arts and culture, cultural understanding and appreciation through the academic study of the arts, education, human welfare, religions and other disciplines. It is a place for the exchange of arts and culture. NTI contributes to the advancement and integration of knowledge, culture and ethical understanding for the benefit of humanity in an increasingly complex and globally interdependent world.

The subsequent phases of construction of Nan Tien Institute, its operation and upkeep will continue to require the support and kind generosity of the global community. We welcome you to support NTI and be part of this momentous opportunity which nurtures the future generations of the nation to benefit all Australians and in turn the global society.