Buddha’s Birthday Dharma Adventure

How to Play

Step 1: Install the App.

Step 2: Visit the important sites at the Buddha’s Day & Multicultural Festival.

Step 3: Find and scan the QR code using this App at each site.

Step 4: Answer the multiple choice question to move to the next site.

Step 5: When you have completed all the questions, visit the BBEP Marquee (map G) to collect your prize.

The Sites

There are seven sites to visit to complete the Buddha’s Birthday Dharma Adventure!

  • The Australian Story (map G)
  • Lumbini Garden (map F)
  • Bathing The Buddha (map C)
  • Vegetarian Food Festival (map V)
  • Buddha Stage (map N)
  • Life of Buddha Panels (map D)
  • One-stroke Calligraphy (map S)


Scan the appropriate QR code below or click on the appropriate button to download and install the app. If you like the app and found it useful, feel free to share it with your friends and family!


Buddha's Birthday Dharma Adventure iOS QR code


BB Adventure Android QR code
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