Buddha’s Birthday Education Project


  • Saturday, 20 May 2017 – 10:00am – 7:00pm
  • Sunday, 21 May 2017 – 10:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Swanston Street Forecourt (map E)

“This project aims to inspire and educate people about the historic birth of the Sakyamuni Buddha and, in doing so integrate Buddhist wisdom within a modern context”.

“The project acknowledges that our forefathers recognised the importance of the Buddha and therefore have celebrated his birthday in many different ways. As the canonical records are not easily accessible, this project team has transformed them into artworks, music and multimedia applications”.

“We hope that BBEP may be a stepping stone towards embracing happiness and peace in multicultural and multi-faith societies worldwide”


In 2017, we are celebrating 26 years of Buddha’s Birthday Festivals in Australia. BBEP is proud to present a commemorative book and a documentary for visitors to learn about this landmark festival. These tributes showcase the efforts of our invaluable volunteers who have united each other, faiths and communities throughout Australia this past quarter of a century.


You are invited to join the BBEP Festival Tours as our friendly team guides you through the highlights of the celebrations. Enjoy delicious vegetarian food, multicultural performances and learn about the Life of the Buddha and significance of festival rituals.


If you’d like to explore the festival another way, download the Buddha’s Birthday Dharma Adventure App! Visit important sites and answer the quiz questions to complete the adventure and collect your special prize.

You can also join us to play the brand new “Buddha Where Are You?” Pilgrimage boardgame in the BBEP marquee. With friends, family and strangers, enjoy some fun together learning about some history and ideas of Buddhism. Retrace the steps the Buddha took in his lifetime through play, and explore a beautiful backdrop of photos displaying these historic sites of present day India.

Visit the Buddha’s Birthday Education Project for more information! http://www.paradeofthebuddhas.org



The BBEP App is representative of the Buddha’s Birthday Education Project. This project aims to inspire and educate people about the historic birth of the Sakyamuni Buddha and, in doing so integrate Buddhist wisdom within a modern context.

Download the App to learn about The Buddha and the spread of Buddhism. Learn about the Dharma (the message of the Buddha) through interactive features such as Q&A cards and daily words of wisdom.

NEW in 2016 to BBEP 3.0 is the beautiful Bodhi Tree feature. The designers of this feature have been inspired by the story of Prince Siddhartha who attained enlightenment while sitting under a Bodhi Tree. BBEP hopes to share the message of The Buddha each day using this symbol of wisdom and liberation.

To play, grow your very own Bodhi Tree. Each day a new leaf will be added. Tap on the leaf to read your message of the day. Enjoy, cultivate and grow.

Buddha's Birthday Education Project

Mindful Check-in App

The Check In App is a NEW app presented by the team at BBEP. It is designed especially for the busy lives we lead today and guides us through the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Each day we are confronted by hundreds of different challenges, settings and interactions. The Check In App allows us to transit from one setting to another. Be it a different physical location or a different group of people, checking in gives us an opportunity to get the body and mind ready for each new setting ahead.