Taste of Asia

What is Taste of Asia?

The Taste of Asia vegetarian food fair features diverse and mouth-watering dishes and street foods from a variety of international cuisines. Reinforcing that food brings people together, this display of multicultural foods, from Malaysian desserts to Taiwanese street food, offers an array of delicious eats to suit all taste budsVenerable Master Hsing Yun, Founder of Fo Guang Shan, teaches us that “Buddhists are vegetarians to avoid taking life”.  

Malaysian Street Food

With mouthfuls of flavourful sticky rice, catching wafts of fragrant coconut and tangy curry, you will be transported onto the streets of Malaysia, home to an incredibly eclectic amalgamation of food cultures. Malaysian cuisine reflects the multicultural makeup of its population, consisting of flavours from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Bornean influences. Try an exciting array of authentic dishes, including Nasi Lemak (a coconut rice dish), Roti & Dhall and Fried Radish Cake. For sweet tooths, the selection of desserts includes durian cream puffs and Malaysian kuih (bite-sized cakes/puddings made from rice or glutinous rice). 

Touché Hombré

Touché Hombré, known for serving some of the best Mexican food in this city, is joining our exciting array of multicultural food stalls. Bursting with flamboyant flavours and colours, some of Touché Hombré’s highlights will include: 

Flautas – blue-corn tortilla rolled around potato filling, jalapeno puree, goats cheese and green peas, garnished with pickled chili and avocado lime puree  

Empanadas – pastry puffs with corn truffle, poblano chili, rice and jalapeno  

Tamale – puree of roasted capsicum, cornflour, Mexican chili and queso fresco cheese wrapped in corn husk  

Taste of Taiwan

Street food is a hallmark of Taiwanese cuisine and this year’s Taste of Taiwan food stalls will feature must-try staples including Bao (Taiwanese burgers), crispy tofu and Zongzi (sticky rice dumplings). bite of this unique and delicious food will evoke images of the vibrant street food stands and bustling night markets of Taiwan.  

Oriental Vegie Wok

Oriental Vegie Wok adds a vegetarian twist to a wide variety of traditional Asian dishes and snacks. All-vegetarian ingredients are creatively combined to make fried drumsticks, BBQ pork rice, lemon chicken rice and many more. For something that packs a punch, taste their famous spicy hot pot or curry laksa to experience exotic and fragrant flavours.

Vietnamese Delights

Vietnamese cuisine features distinctive flavours and the use of fresh herbs and vegies. The selective use of spices and complementary textures creates unique, mouth-watering dishes that are both healthy and appetising. Highlights from the menu include rice paper rolls, vegetable buns and the hearty vegetable noodle soup.