St Paul’s Court


A. Bathing the Buddha

B. Four Dragon Fountain

C. Lumbini Garden


Swanston St Forecourt


D. 3 Good Deeds – Children’s Corner

  • Creative Arts & Crafts, Childrens Theatre
  • Children’s Lion Dance & Mask Painting Classes by CYSM
  • Fo Guang Chinese School

E. Bubbly’s Monster Bubbles

F. First Aid


The Square


G. Wishing Bell

H. The Happy Buddha, Guan Yin Bodhisatva

I. • Nan Tien Institute

  • Hsing Yun Education Foundation
  • Book Stores & Book Club

J. Bodhi Trees Interactive Art Installation

K. Multicultural Performance Stage

L. Life of Buddha Exhibition Buddha Stage

M. Buddha Stage

N. Medical Clinic

River Terrace


O. “Vegi-licious” Cooking Demonstrations

P. Som Som Fairy Floss

Q. Go Vege Plan A

R. Go Vege Vegetarian Food Fair

S. Children’s Lion Dance & Mask Painting Classes by CYSM

T. Tea Ceremony, Sutra Copying & Calligraphy

U. Gift Shops

V. Mindfulness Forest

W. Bubbly’s Monster Bubble Classes

Y. Animal Sanctuary


Deakin Edge


X.  • Baby Blessing

  • Dharma Talks
  • Guided Meditation
  • Wellness Talks


Yarra River


Z. Dragon Boat Victoria Races