Youth Forum – Towards a Harmonious Society

Youth Forum - Living in Multicultural Multifaith Melbourne

Youth Forum – Living in Multicultural Multifaith Melbourne

Date/Time: Sunday, 21 May 2017 – 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Location: Deakin Edge (map Q)

The forum aims to facilitate a dialogue, bringing together youths from diverse backgrounds, to discuss common issues/challenges and how to overcome them. The focus will be on how organisations work to promote and actively engage in enhancing social harmony through the practice of:

  1. Consensus on respecting traditions
  2. The importance of fostering talents and youths
  3. Mutual understanding on the importance of culture
  4. Open-mindedness
  5. How to respond to issues through developing and sharing skills and knowledge, and through accessing professional services
  6. Make their voices heard by contributing to the conversation on challenges.

As Australians, we pride ourselves on our multiculturalism. Consensus and openness underpins a multicultural society where people share common ideals such as freedom to be yourself without discrimination, peace, harmony and so on. Melbourne is a multicultural icon and accepts various different ideals and practices irrespective of individuals or groups own race, religion, gender, beliefs or culture.

This can be referred to as ‘consensus’. The recognition of our auspicious coexistence and practice of respect and tolerance can be thought of as ‘openness’. The Youth Forum will facilitate dialogue, bringing together youth from diverse backgrounds, to discuss the importance of further developing social cohesion in our society, and also to talk about some challenges young people face in the process.

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