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The free annual Buddha’s Day and Multicultural Festival is a not-for-profit festival, which promotes inclusiveness, cultural awareness, cultural understanding; and enhances community spirit and social harmony.

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Recognised as a significant event in the Melbourne calendar by the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Multicultural Commission, its primary goals are:
To promote peace and harmony, respect and magnanimity, compassion and cultural awareness
To share the spirit of joy and happiness within the community and families.


The 2-day festival celebrates Buddha’s birthday and the diversity of our multicultural and multi-faith society through;
Traditional Buddhist Ceremonies
Arts, music, cultural performances
Social and spiritual wellbeing lectures
World peace prayers, Blessing ceremonies
Children’s activities
Vegetarian food fair and much more.

Fo Guang Shan Melbourne

Fo Guang Shan (literally meaning the Buddha’s Light Mountain) is one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in the world operating over 300 branch temples and several education institutions.

Its goal and aims are to promote Humanistic Buddhism around the world by the four founding principles:

To propagate Buddhist teachings through cultural activities.

To nurture talents through education.

To benefit societies through charitable programs.

To purify human hearts and minds through Buddhist practices.


Buddha’s Light International Association of Victoria, initially formed on November 1992 dedicated to the propagation of the Dharma, cultural exchange, education and charity work. the BLIA ROC gradually gained recognition overseas. Subsequently, “Buddha’s Light International Association” was officially inaugurated in Los Angeles, California on May 16, 1992 during which a new chapter in Buddhist history emerged.


19th–20th of may 2018 | Federation Square, Melbourne, VIC 3000

The 2-day festival celebrates Buddha’s birthday and the diversity of our multicultural and multi-faith society through; Traditional Buddhist Ceremonies, Arts, music, cultural performances, Mindfulness lectures, World peace prayers, Blessing ceremonies, Dragon Boat racing, Bodhi Tree Art Installation, Lumbini Garden Sanctuary,  Large Format Mindfulness Colouring, Children’s activities, photo competition, Large interactive Animal Sanctuary, Vegetarian food fair and much more

Do & Learn

Bathe The Buddha

Cleanse body, speech and thoughts to eradicate anger, greed and ignorance

Tea Ceremony

Learn to meditate and serve tea in peace and harmony

Baby Blessing Ceremony & Future Within Thy Hands

Bless your baby or toddler and find out what their future might hold

Twilight Light Offering

Light extinguishes darkness, join and make your own light offering to the Buddha

Guided Buddhist Ch'an Meditation

Learn to meditate and enjoy the inner peace

Tai Chi

Focus of the mind on the movements of the form helps to bring about a state of mental calm and clarity

See & Hear

Annual World Peace Blessing

Promotes cooperation, community spirit and acknowledges cultural harmony

Harmony Under One Sky

Multicultural performance stage showcasing the diversity of music, dance & song from the society that is Melbourne

Buddhist Dharma Talk

Listen to Buddhist dharma talk & enlighten the mind

Interfaith Ceremony For Peace & Understanding

Brings together different faiths around Melbourne

Alms Round Procession

Witness a traditional form of Buddhist monastic cultivation

Children's Corner

Eat & Drink


What Do People Have to Say:


The Buddha's Day & Multicultural Festival will take place at Federation Square, located at Swanston St & Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of one of the most beautiful festival in Melbourne, and the city which has so much to offer.


Federation Square Home to major cultural attractions, world-class events, tourism experiences and an exceptional array of restaurants, bars and specialty stores, this modern piazza has become the heart and soul of Melbourne.

Address: Swanston St & Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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